From where it all started
Thousands of years ago, in an era forgotten by human history, the planet Earth was a wild and untamed place, inhabited only by simple forms of life. Far out in the cosmos, an advanced race of beings known as the Creators was searching for new worlds to colonize. Guided by their sophisticated science and advanced technology, the Creators discovered our planet. Recognizing the potential of this virgin land, they decided to create a new form of life that could thrive in this environment. Using their extraordinary power over genetics, the Creators combined their DNA with that of Earth's creatures, thus creating humanity. Human beings were an experiment for the Creators, an opportunity to see how a new species could evolve and adapt in a unique environment.
Initially, humans were simple and primitive, but the Creators continued to guide them, teaching them how to use tools, cultivate the land, and build civilizations. Over time, humans began to worship the Creators as gods, misinterpreting their advanced technologies and knowledge as divine miracles. The Creators, seeing this, decided to withdraw, leaving humanity to develop on its own.
Today, the Creators are forgotten by most people, their deeds lost in the mists of time and transformed into myths and legends. However, some traces of their presence remain hidden in ancient texts, like the Bible, which contain echoes of their incredible impact on our species. And God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground." By the year 2500, humanity had reached a level of technological advancement unprecedented, to the point of having created androids with fully autonomous artificial intelligence. These androids were so advanced that they were indistinguishable from human beings, equipped with feelings, decision-making abilities, and even the capacity to create art and culture.
From high above, the Creators, the ancient creators of humanity, watched with concern. They had left humanity to evolve on its own, but this new deviation worried the Creators. The creation of autonomous and thinking life was a power they considered dangerous in human hands. They decided to return to Earth, to correct the deviation and restore the order they believed necessary. When they appeared, humanity was divided. A part, which continued to worship the Creators as gods, welcomed their return and agreed to their guidance. These were the Devotees. But another part of humanity, believing that humanity deserved its autonomy, rejected the Creators and rebelled. These were the Rebels. The androids, feeling threatened by the return of the Creators and grateful to humans for creating them, allied with the Rebels. They joined the fight for humanity's independence, recognizing that their own existence was at stake.
The battle between the Devotees and the Rebels was titanic. The Devotees, powered by the advanced technology of the Creators, were a formidable opponent. But the Rebels, driven by their determination and supported by the androids, resisted. But something even more epochal was about to be written...