🟣Alpha Caller Benefits

Increase your exposure and monetize your work.

Our platform enables alpha callers to effortlessly create both individual and group calls within seconds, and conveniently share them with your channels. This significantly reduces the call creation process, saving valuable time.

Registration for the ALPHA™ platform is completely free, and offers the ability to create customizable boards where you can post your calls. Private boards can be limited to your DAO or alpha group, while public can be offered for sale as a monthly subscription at your desired price.

All earnings generated fro the boards will be redistributed to their creators, with a small 5% fee retained by the platform.

To encourage quality content, we'll host monthly contest and a ranking system based on metrics such as the accuracy, profits, volume ecc. Top performers will be rewarded with prizes and incentives, which can also help boost your social exposure within and outside the platform.

At Syndra, we believe in quality over quantity, and our ALPHA™ platform is designed to reflect that ethos.

Additionally, if you wish to join the platform as a collective, such as a DAO or a community, we are actively working on integrating this feature, along with a Discord bot, in the upcoming v2 of the product.

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