NFT Sniper

Snipe, profit, next
The on-chain NFT sniper concept is as simple as it is effective. Since our entire infrastructure is hosted on a private on-chain node, our sniper has the potential to be faster than the marketplaces themselves.
The process is straightforward: choose a collection, set your sniping criteria, and wait. As soon as our sniper identifies an NFT that meets your specified criteria, you'll be notified so you can act quickly and secure it.
While there are already similar tools available, they often fall short in terms of relevance, as precious minutes can pass between receiving information and taking action. Our sniper is incredibly fast and accurate, ensuring a high success rate.
For now, we've opted to keep the process manual, meaning users will need to purchase the NFTs themselves. We made this decision to allow you to thoroughly test the service before entrusting it with your funds for automatic purchases. That being said, we plan to introduce an autobuy feature in v2, providing you with both options for an enhanced experience.