Real Time Activities

Evaluate the bigger picture.
The Real-Time Activities feature operates similarly to the NFT On-Chain sniper, but with a couple of key differences. Essentially, it provides an overview of all real-time activities happening across various marketplaces. Every listing, bid, and sale is tracked, ensuring that nothing goes unnoticed. Currently, we track activities for the Solana blockchain. However, as we continue to scale and grow, we have plans to expand our coverage to include all relevant blockchains in the NFT landscape.
The potential of this type of sniping lies in applying filters directly to the activities, allowing you to spot real-time deals across multiple collections simultaneously, identify pricing errors, assess trading volumes, and much more. Think of it as a powerful filter applied to the blockchain itself—we manage the data, and you leverage it for your benefit.
This feature can serve as a potent analysis and sniping tool, and it's fascinating to observe the sheer volume of activities occurring on-chain simultaneously. Embrace the power of Real-Time Activities to enhance your trading strategies and gain insights into the dynamic world of NFTs.