Try it without risk.
VIRTUO™ is the first platform of its kind in Web3. It essentially functions as a replica of a real NFT marketplace, complete with all existing collections, listed NFTs, floor prices, and trading volumes. The unique feature, however, is that all trades are virtual. This means you can buy, hold, and sell NFTs in a completely fictitious environment to test various strategies, validate theories, and assess potential entry and exit points.
In essence, you'll have the opportunity to trade high-value NFTs and see their potential returns without spending a single penny, helping you evaluate whether to make an actual purchase or not.
While the concept might initially seem counterintuitive, we believe that as NFTs gain popularity, a platform like this will become essential for cost-free learning. Learning in the NFT world can be expensive, and making a wrong evaluation or missing crucial information can lead to significant losses. With VIRTUO™, you'll risk nothing while improving your skills as a trader.