The first Call To Earn Platform
ALPHA™ is a platform on the Solana Blockchain that unites alpha callers from various communities and alpha groups in one place that is based on sharing useful information for NFT trading. The platform is built to provide an optimal experience for both the users and the alpha callers themselves, creating a win-win system where those who have the information gain for sharing while those who leverage them will have the opportunity to make money.
Alpha callers are recognized figures within the space who track collections and market trends on a daily basis to make profitable calls for them and their audience.
Alpha callers can register for free and start using the platform right away. After signing up they can create their own board where they can create calls for every collection completely on-chain (yes, we store collections and data from every marketplace). Every time a call is created the alpha caller will have to sign it with his wallet, from that point in time the call cannot be changed. We want ALPHA™ to become a place that has transparency and quality of information as its basis.
For recognized alpha callers of the space there will be a chance to verify inside the platform to obtain a blue check as well as a resume of projects to which it provides or has provided its calls.
The platform integrates an advanced rating system that assesses alpha callers based on factors such as their track record of successful predictions, profits, accuracy, and other metrics. This system allows users to easily identify top-tier experts and follow their valuable insights. To encourage healthy competition and acknowledge the exceptional contributions of alpha callers, a variety of rewards and prizes will be distributed to them, based on their stats.
ALPHA™ overview