NFT Creation

How we created it all
Worldbuilding is the process of constructing an imaginary world, often for the purpose of storytelling. It can include creating maps, defining societies and cultures, designing political and economic systems, and even creating entirely new languages and species. Worldbuilding is a foundational aspect of writing in genres such as science fiction, fantasy, and other forms of narrative fiction.
In the case of the Creators story, we utilized worldbuilding in several ways:
  1. 1.
    History and Background: We started by creating the background story of the Creators, defining who they were, why they came to Earth, and how they created humanity. This provided us with a context in which to set future events.
  2. 2.
    Technology and Society: We designed a future society where humanity has developed artificial intelligence-powered androids. This element brought a science fiction tone to our story and provided a point of conflict between the Creators and humans.
  3. 3.
    Conflict and Factions: We split humanity into two distinct factions - the Devout and the Rebels - in response to the return of the Creators. This introduced an element of conflict and tension into our story.
  4. 4.
    Details and Atmosphere: We attempted to create a specific atmosphere and detail the setting, describing how the different factions would use their resources and technologies in conflict.
The process of worldbuilding led to the creation of a rich and coherent universe for our story, providing us with a solid foundation to work upon. With the fundamental structure of our world well-defined - including its history, technologies, factions, and conflicts - we were able to move onto the next phase of the process: transforming these concepts into concrete visual representations.
To do this, we collaborated with a team of talented visual artists. Their mission was to bring the characters, settings, and ideas we'd conceived in our worldbuilding to life. We shared with them the details of our world, providing all the necessary information to guide their work.
The artists began by creating sketches for the main characters in our story: the Creators (the Gods), the Devotees (the humans who continue to worship the Creators), the Rebels (the humans who reject the Creators and fight for autonomy), and the Androids (the human-made creations that side with the Rebels).
Each character design was created to reflect the personalities, motivations, and alliances of each. For instance, the Creators might be depicted as majestic, almost divine beings, while the Androids might have a more futuristic, mechanical look.
After drawing the characters, the artists worked on depicting the environment, creating detailed sketches of what the Earth might look like in the near future. These drawings could include technological details, like the weapons and tools used by each faction, as well as broader elements of the environment, such as architecture and landscape.
Through these visual representations, we were able to bring our world from the realm of ideas to tangible reality, making our story even more engaging and immersive for the audience.